Dan Fisher Glazing specializes in uPVC double glazing York. As a CERTASS approved double glazing installer and supplier we offer quality and professional uPVC double and triple glazing services in York since 1995.

We only fit quality approved windows and we are one of only a few approved installers for the major double glazing manufacturers in York.

Why Fit Double Glazing?

Double Glazing, and now triple glazing offer significantly improved insulation and noise reduction properties over the traditional single pane. We supply A rated double glazed windows, while our triple glazed windows are A++ rated.

Window frames have also seen their range extended from traditional elegance to include contemporary styles in a range of colours to ensure choice is available to the home owner.

Window Security

Security is also a major benefit of uPVC windows over traditional wooden single panes. Areas where security may be an issue or damage may be more likely can be overcome by the option of fitting laminated or toughened glass. (children playing ball sports such as football for example).

Window fitting

We always measure up before ordering your chosen windows to ensure the best fit and insulation is achieved.

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Don’t Spoil the View

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We can replace any blown uPVC windows without changing the frames